Friday, 27 February 2015

Turning 30!

On Wednesday the 18th February my birthday celebrations started with my lovely family. Unfortunately not everyone could attend but those that did made me smile. Myself, my dad, aunty pol, uncle Charlie and my cousins Chris all went for a meal at my favourite pub the swan at Fairfield. I had a lovely scampi and chips with a few drinks! It was so lovely to spend time with my family that I don't often get to see as we all have busy lives so was really nice. We had a good catch up eat and drink, it was very refreshing and a good start to the weekend.

On Thursday the 19th February I was excited to get my nails done ready for my weekend. You can see below my birthday nails.

Then Friday the 20th February came and I was up really early to get my hair done. I went to the hairdressers at 9.30am to get my hair washed and curled and ready for my evening. I was there for a whole hour! Although it's always nice to talk a hairdresser as I was getting my hair done! 

Now I was running slightly late and hadn't even packed! So when I got home I think I best get packed and ready for Manchester! My cousin and uncle arrived at 12 and finished my packing and off we went to Manchester! We was a little bit early but as the NEC had a show on it's best to go early than get stuck in loads of traffic! We made it to our train and off we went to Manchester hurray!

We checked in at the Lowry (my favourite hotel in Manchester) and was surprised to find a beautiful card and cake from the hotel wishing me a happy 30th birthday I was very touched 

So next we had some lovely food, I love club sandwiches at the moment so I couldn't wait to tuck in! After this I went to the toilet and started getting ready and my cousin suprised me with a badge, glass and a lovely pink banner!

I then got ready dressed into my dress that I'd got for my celebrations and I was able to stand up to show my dress off,

As you can see that's my lovely dress and of course my hair was lovely as you see above! Now me and cousin went into Manchester for a few drinks and we went to various places and enjoyed a good evening with my cousin and friend and I was so very grateful to them both for coming out with me and making sure I had a fantastic birthday! 

On Saturday the 21st i had finally turned 30! It was a weird thing knowing I was no longer in my 20s but it was good to. I started the day off with a lovely breakfast and I have to be honest it was lovely! I then had  to have a little nap! My friend brought me some flowers to the hotel which I thought was really nice, here they are in my kitchen!

We eventually had to wave goodbye to Manchester and head home. Now I can laugh now but at the time neither of us were impressed! We ended up being left on the train and having to go all the way to coventry! We were then helped off the train and out back on another train to Birmingham! 

We then met my uncle and 2 little girls! They brought me cards and a picture and the youngest sang happy birthday to me very cute. My uncle gave me cards and dropped me off home. My dad came later with gifts and he'd brought me a kindle which I love reading is something I really enjoy! 

On Monday I saw my friend Katy and got more lovely gifts and a good catch up with my family.

So here's to being 30 and I'm sure lots of other little celebrations through out the year! 

Happy 30th birthday vicky! 

I miss you mum and love you and wish only that you could have been with me on my 30th birthday.

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  1. I'm so glad your 30s were ushered in with such fanfare, fun, friends, family, and love!!!