Monday, 20 April 2015

Thomas and peanuts cats that have touched my heart

A while back I joined a group on Social media called cats whiskers as I love cats and talking about cats! 

Upon joining the group I discovered a fantastic group of people a community of loving and caring cat lovers and then I found out about the first little cat in need Thomas.

Thomas unfortunately had an accident in late 2014 and his owner took him to several vets but wasn't getting any answers.  Thomas then went to live with Elaine and Gary for a short while as Thomas needed lots of time but his owner continued to visit. It was thought that Thomas had a broken jaw which was preventing him to eat. He eventually saw a bet who told them he was severely under weight for a 7 month old kitten. After much discussion and research they decided to try some top vets in the south of England quite a long car journey away but for Thomas it was worth it. They needed to raise £5,000 for expensive surgery. Upon seeing this new vet it was decided he would have a feeding tube fitted and then be fed via this to help him gain weight as they new vet thought he could help little Thomas but first he needed to gain some weight and fitness. So Elaine and Gary both took to feeding little Thomas and now we are nearing his operation he has gained weight and on more special milk through the feeding tube! Little Thomas has a play mate bella who he loves! Thomas is now a lively kitty who loves a good chase with his new pal and lots of cuddles with her too! He has come on lots and the group cats whiskers has proved to be a loving and supportive group raising all the funds needed for his operation which will be taking place later this month, good luck Thomas we are all rooting for you.

Thomas and bella

Thomas In the hands of his new pet

A very small Thomas

Best of friends Thomas and bella 

We did it 

I love this picture of Thomas I think it really shows his character!

Recently I've been introduced to the beautiful cat peanuts who the group are now again raising funds for with the help of other sources and his human mum gave me his history:

Peanuts Mother was feral; she found refuge in a garden shed and proceeded to give birth in a hole in the floor.  As we understand it Peanuts Mother was subsequently disturbed and so up and left with her kittens. Alas little Peanut was left behind due to the fact that he had been born with a deformity which effected both his front legs.  This made it impossible for him to crawl out of the hole.  He was left alone to die – he was only a few weeks old.  Fortunately for Peanut the owner of the house heard a pitiful cry, when she investigated she witnessed  poor little Peanut attempting to claw at the sides of the hole with his bent-backwards legs in an attempt to get out.  The finder alerted Heronbank Cat rescue who duly collected Peanut and brought him to  Heronbank rescue centre in Batley, West Yorkshire. 

Peanut has a congenital deformity which affects both of his front legs.  The bones of his front legs appear straight on X-ray, however his right femur has subsequently bowed somewhat, his ligaments and tendons are either too short or two long, resulting in his feet ‘flapping’ from the carpus (wrist) downwards.  To further complicate matters Peanut’s right leg rotates from the elbow downwards and he tends to walk on the upside of his foot (pads pointing upwards), the right leg bends in an ‘L’shape as a consequence of this.  That said, Peanuts back legs have compensated by building amazing muscle mass…he stands like a Meerkat, bolt upright!!  He is able to jump from the floor onto my tall bed, onto the windowsill, from one chair to another and onto my dining room table!!! He does this with the aid of splints of course.  Peanuts legs are splinted daily under the supervision of his wonderful veterinary surgeon Maria Towarek and Jill Fraser  at Baildon Veterinary centre.  Peanut also undergoes daily physiotherapy when the splints are removed.

Peanut found a loving family to look after him and I'm delighted to say even with his disability he is a lively and affectionate little cat along with of course very determined to play with their other 5 cats that little boy isn't letting his deformities get the better of him playing! 

Peanut needs an operation that's been quoted at £8,000 now the rescue centre initially raised £1,400 but then the cats whiskers got involved and of course the continue support for heronbank cat rescue centre at the last count which was Friday they have now raised a massive £6,500 of course there is still some funds to find £1,500 to reach enough for the operation however I myself have seen the group pull together to help raise even more funds. 

Now cats whiskers are a group of aprox 1,500 people including Elaine (Thomas's adopted mum!) who have together raised an amazing amount of money for both cats and are still trying to raise funds with raffles, football cards, magnets and keyrings and I'm sure other things I have forgotten about! They have also raised the profile of both of these cats on social media and even the press!

I know for a fact how thankful and humbled both Elaine and Denise are for helping both Thomas and peanut. 

I want to wish both cats best of luck for their operations and further fundraising for peanut you can do kitties we are all rooting for you.


As a small kitten in his splints 

Getting bigger In his yellow splints

Peanut I'm the loving arms of Denise!

Thank you for reading and if you can please do donate to peanut :) 


  1. Thank you for running with Thomas and Peanuts story Vicky. Much appreciated. Peanuts Mummy Denise x x

  2. Thank you for running with Thomas and Peanuts story Vicky. Much appreciated. Peanuts Mummy Denise x x

  3. Thank you so much for giving such an accurate account of these two darling little fur-babies. They both deserve to lead a full. happy life and with Mummy Elaine and Mummy Denise, they will ensure this happens, Again Thank you.