Monday, 20 April 2015

Chelsea v Manchester United and a trip to Kent

This past weekend I have been away for a few days it was lovely to get away from the "grove."

So Saturday morning I was up really early and off I went to Birmingham internation to catch a train to London. I booked my ticket early so I managed to get a first class so enjoyed the first class lounge firstly, nice drink and biscuits! Then onto the train for my 1 hour and 15 mins to London euston. I ended  up falling asleep on the train and waking up just as we was pulling into euston as I was that tired from getting up early! 

Then unfortunately andy was running late and I nearly ended up falling asleep again waiting in the mobility suit!! 

Once andy arrived we asked at the info point the best way with a wheelchair to be told to we had to go to kings cross then go to green park etc well I knew that wouldn't work! 

So we did walk to kings cross, well I was in the wheelchair! We eventually made it there and then double checked the route! To be told no not that route you need to go this straight route, phew least  we didn't have todo lots of changes! We then got to early court a quick stop off for food and drink well more drink for me! Then we had about a 20 minute walk/roll to Stamford bridge! We walked through an old graveyard and it was nice! We made it to Stamford bridge and met up with some MUDSA members and had a chat. Then we watched both the coaches come past! 

Then into the ground now the disabled section was not to bad, we were under cover which was fab! We was slightly risen and had a toilet right near us as long as we had our radar key! I thought we had a fab view and the united fans were standing but polite and asked me if we could see and I thought that was really nice. My view at Stamford bridge:

Unfortunately the game ended 1-0 to Chelsea however united played really well and I wasn't so disappointed as I've been in the past. The MUFC fans were loud and constant as always!

After the game we had the walk back to earls court! Then onto the district line where the person tried to hold the train for us but then they went off and we had to wait for another tube! We got on the next train and made it to Westminster where another person was waiting with a ramp to get me off the tube, never had that before! Then had to go up in a lift, then down in 2 lifts! Then all the way to Greenwich! Then gt some chocolate and a drink for the journey to Kent! 

We arrived late on Saturday and after catching MOTD I went to bed as I was shattered! I slept in til my alarm went off!! Then went for some lunch and I had my favourite scampi and chips it's was hard to eat because my jaw kept hurting but I eat as much as I could then had a lovely ice cream!

There was more ice cream than I ever thought! Then off to have a push along seeing the working harbour and beach which was lovely and warm in the sun but windy when not in the sun! It was lovely to breath in the air and have some time away from the grove.

Monday morning I headed home which is where I'm writing this. Thanks so much for a lovely weekend and for trying to navigate the tube with me haha!! 

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  1. Lovely photos of the beach Vicky so glad you had a good time even if utd lost.