Friday, 1 May 2015

Olly murs and Everton away

What a weekend .. Is how I will start this blog!

It's not often I push myself to a point of exhaustion but this weekend I did because I got todo some of my favourite things, see olly murs, go to Manchester, spend time with the little people and my cousin and of course attend a football match!! 

So Friday I went to an appointment then I headed to my cousins house to meet her and my uncle! Then off we went to the train station! It was my little cousins first ever visit to Manchester and she told me how much she liked it when we got home! 

Upon arrival at the hotel we got some food and then we all started getting ready, make up, hair and dresses everywhere! Well I think 45 mins for 3 girls to get ready was pretty awesome!

Off we went to the Manchester arena for the olly concert! Now I have to admit I was excited partly because it was olly and partly because it was little lady 1s first ever concert! What can I say we had a fantastic time and did some seat dancing! After wards my friend came to meet us and we had a few drinks in the bar at the hotel before saying goodbye and retiring to sleep! 

Saturday came and we all had breakfast and little lady 1 said she had chocolate muffin for desert it did make me giggle but it did look tasty! Then off we went in to Manchester for some shopping and that was fantastic! We had lunch in town! Then back to the hotel and on to our train back home! Only to find out we had missed olly coming to see his fans! The lovely taxi man kindly sent us a pic of olly that he'd taken thanks taxi man Jon!

Home Saturday big I had more food and relaxed and had an early night! I had a busy day!

Sunday morning came and I was up really early 6am! Ready to go to Liverpool with Martin for Everton v Manchester United, the journey didn't feel too bad until we got lost in Liverpool and had a rather weird road that seemed Togo in about 4 directions!

The stadium was nice, the stewards had seats where the wheelchair users sat, too marks Everton! Although the toilet was a bit of a tight fit! Was nice to see some if my MUDSA pals again outside goodison park! 

We got to take some pics of players right up close, as they trained right by us as we were literally pitch side! Hurray! 

Unfortunately we lost and that always makes the trip home long didn't help I fell asleep, sorry Martin! I was dropped off at Carolyn's for our second night with olly and little lady 2! Now this was her first concert to so she was very excited! I got changed from my football clothes into my evening wear so I was a it more dressed up than just a hoodie! 

Little lady 2 had her ear defenders and she was dancing and singing to all the songs I think she had a fantastic time! As did me and Carolyn! 

The evening finished with me seeing my friend Lindsay briefly as little lady 2 had fallen asleep! And then sitting on a car park for an hour and me getting a little tearful and I was in pain because of the weekend I think! 

We eventually made it home and I said goodbye to my cousin and little lady 2 and came in with my dad and soon after I was asleep.

A really good weekend although very tiring 

Lots of hugs

V xx

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