Sunday, 3 May 2015

Update on the 92 football clubs!

Well I've been feeling a bit down the last couple of days so I decided to have a read back through my blog and saw my 50 things todo even through I'm in a wheelchair and I came across my "92 football clubs!" Well I've done a bit of it this season! So,e I didn't get pics of so I guess I'll have to take another trip!! Here goes on the up date!! 

Well obviously I have and will continue to go to old Trafford the home of Manchester United because it's my club!! 

I've been to St Mary's the home of Southampton! I didn't get a picture as I was on my own that night but It just means I'll have to go back!! 

I went to the Britannia stadium the home of stoke city fc!! With thanks to Dan on a cold New Year's Day! 

Next stop was the Abby stadium and the home of Cambridge united with andy! 

Next stop was st James park again with andy!

Next trip was Stamford bridgeoke of Chelsea  with andy! 

Next stop Anfield home of  Liverpool with peter and gordan! 

Then off to goodison park home of Everton with Martin

I also visited Ashton gate home of Bristol city again no pic but attended with Shaun! So I'll have to visit again!!

I also visited the aviva stadium in Ireland which isn't part of the 92 but an extra stadium! I visited with heather while on a trip to Dublin the home of Irish rugby and football!!

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