Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just imagine

Take a step into this world, the world of rheumatoid,

You've been up most of the night because pain is had, every time you turn over you know it's going to hurt, the shoulder joint pained under the strain of you lay on your side, your hips pained of you lye on your back, you have no choice but to keep moving despite the pain.

The alarm goes for your morning meds, but you crnt switch it off because your arms are stuck and if u do stretch your going to cry because it hurts so bad, you hear the crunch in your shoulder joint when you take the plunge.

You look at the wheelchair, another day stuck in that, but worse you've got to get in it first. Your feet are swollen, your knees painful. U struggle to get up, the only way is to use your stomach muscles, causing your stomach to retract the more you do it. Your up and now your hips are hurting, struggling to get the quilt off because it's round you from moving do much, oh the tears start to flow, your not even out of bed.

You manage to swing around, you have to reach for the wheelchair, ouch this should not hurt, why me? Next to move the pillow the cat sleeps on, my princess. My energy is draining by the minute it hurts so bad.

Stretch to the wheelchair stick hope and pray you strength can pull you up, tears running down your face because of pain you arm is feeling dislocated, your knee is in pain from the stress of getting up, life shouldn't be like this? 

Meds , how can taking 1 inhaler be so hard? How can bursting a foil be so hard but it is because your hands are still fists, life shouldn't be this hard? 

Crying trying to get dressed, feel like giving up and I still have to take a medication and worse still get my shoes on ... The biggest challenge getting in and out the car .. 

Life should not be this hard

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