Sunday, 21 October 2012

A friend gone to soon

A while back now on facebook i was a member of many many groups and over that time i meet some fantastic people with rheumatoid whom have helped me to cope with many obstacles, taught me how to laugh with the pain. But then one night a small minority of us broke away, thanks to our friend Mani the teapotters were born! We as a group have been through a lot together, we support each other, we laugh together we are just like one big family. Today however one of our own Tina died of Cancer, she suffered with several health issues but if you needed advise she was there, if you needed a laugh she was there, if you needed a drool over jonny deep she was there by your side. Even in the latter part of her illness she was still with us thinking of us and part of our family. Tina may you fly high to heaven and be in no more pain. We will miss you so very much but we will remember you how i think you would like to be, a true fighter, a warrior a friend to us all regardless of location you were there by our sides. But mostly for your laughter and your naughty side! R.I.P Tina we miss and love you dear friend xx

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