Tuesday, 2 October 2012

V Festival

Well there isnt a lot i want to say here but i'll give you a brief outlook of v fest vicky and katy style! ... First off we got up well early for our travels down to London which the train journey was fine we caught up it had been a while it was like re-connecting after a long time. Then we had the buses lol well what can i say they were fine .. i was hoplessly looking for some thing i'd recognise on my travels into East London .. we did it and got to the hotel to!! We couldnt check in because we were too early! So we left our bags and off we went again on another bus to liverpool street! LOL seriously auir con should be on buses .. hot hot hot!! We then grab some lunch YUM YUM! start our journey to ESSEX on the train .. yeah you guessed it it started raining, how i have no idea!! We get to chamlmsford oh no another bus journey!! Slipping and slidding all over the place!! We get to V fest finally then have a bit of a treak ... LOL yes i nearly did end up in the hole but hey you gotta laugh!!! Next stop MAIN STAGE was brillant even went to the comedy tent but OMG the toilets oh dear the toilets haha bit of a hop skip jump and lift from a stranger woop im in the toilet LOL It was boiling and i didnt take sun tan lotion i had wellies ... rain mack but not sun tan lotion! Getting home in the dark was fun then a random adventure in east london lol .. we then hoped off to the hotel took some random pics of using being silly and eventually ended up in bed and then woke up homeward bound but first shopping and lunch and a panic the train line wasnt working!! Fantastic day full of smiling and laughter roll on 2013 V fest STAFFORDSHIRE!!!

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