Friday, 5 October 2012

Male Friendship

Many times i have thanked so many of my females friends and i love you guys loads but this post is about a male friend who has helped me through some difficult stuff. I dont know if he'll read it but if you do this is for you... Were do i start about my friend, he's been supportive, he's talked sense he's even talked reason. But beyond that he's challenged me and it was good because everyone needs some one to have challenging conversations with. He's seen the many sides to me, the vunerable (flood), the excitable, the happy, the sad and the intelligent side a side that i dont show people often. This summer he's been by my side through some really difficult times and the fun times to encouraging me to do things like write articles for a Manchester United Fan Site which i wouldn't have dreamt of doing with out his encouragement. He gave me the fight to stand up to people when my property was flooded and i was pretty mad at people lol! He's just stood by me and helped me choose to take my new medication and he was there to tell me it was going to be OK and for that i will be thankful as if i hadnt tried it i wouldnt have known the outcome and the treatment wouldn't be moving forward. He is a friend who will even run the Manchester 10K race for my charity NRAS how many friends would do that for you? Thank you for being there this summer and know im there for you always Teamwork!!!

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