Monday, 17 December 2012

Centre Parc's

Well i didnt write about my trip away with my family so i thought i'd do it now! So we booked our trip in May and it felt like forever til the day came to leave i was so excited about my trip! We took three cars! Me and my cousin in mine and we did some bunny hopping down the road ... it was so funny!! My aunty and Uncle and the girls in the second car and finally matt in the third car! We took a de-tour on the way to a shopping outlet i mean it would be rude not to! We started the trip off with hot chocolates for us all and a bit of shopping and a few treats for my self! When we arrived me and my cousin were very excited at the fake snow at the entrance! But then we saw Santa at check in and we were even more excited the girls were not as pleased! We eventually found our lodge after some driving and a bit of a hill walk with the bags! The lodge was fantastic we was all impressed! After unpacking we were off bowling and every one had a great time i think my uncle won closely followed by the oldest girl! We had none alcoholic cocktails with the girls which was great! Finished off with a take away for all and an early night! Saturday morning Matt joined us. We was up bright and early well for me it was! We went to see the reindeers they were so lovely! Then we waited for the pony ride ... but after about 5-6 minutes of waiting i looked at the sign and it said "pony ride from santa" OMG we were in the wrong place and late! My cousin asked a guy and he told us were to go and made sure we didnt miss the pony ride! Did we run, it was quite funny! The pony ride was lovely and i think she enjoyed it! We then qued to see Santa himself .. it was all going great, lovely workshop had a chat with a couple of elfs! Then the big man was ready for two little girls! LOL lets say the sisters are united in anti-santa! A few tears and screams, but santa read our letters out and wished us all a merry christmas so that was nice oh and the girls got a gift a reindeer and an elf and they loved them! That night we talked watched TV as a family and ate some yummy food! Sunday we got up early again! This time my Aunty and Uncle went off shopping while me carolyn, matt and the girls went off to pain baulbals! I have to say i enjoyed watching the girls paint them while the youngest painted her self a fetching shade of purple! We then left them to be fired we had to pick them up tomorrow! We then went for a walk around the lake and found the country club so we could all have some yumy food and it was very good i enjoyed the turkey! Later we walked back and went to soft play :) and the eldest got to make her self a teddy bear she called it sparkles and dressed it in bridal wear! I had a little nap before we went back out to watch the fireworks which were fantastic although the youngest was a bit scared! Monday we came home after feeding the ducks and picking up the baulbals that im told are now on the tree at my cousins We had a fantastic time, new memories and a great family break oh and how could i forget the brillant log fires!! I love my family so much thanks for a great weekend xx

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