Monday, 8 February 2016

Night time routine

Now you see since 2012 my lovely cousin has been coming in to me each night, todo bits I need doing that I find difficult, or crnt do like my night time gel! Anyway long story short, Carolyn had to stop coming in, which made me sad, as I loved seeing her and hearing about both her and the girls life now I wouldn't have that interaction! 

Carolyn introduced me to Stella who in turn introduced me to Justine. I was a little apprehensive when I first met them not because of them but because it was change and I don't cope well with change plus I was going to miss my cousinly chat!

So they started coming in and tbh I was fine after a few days, although missing Carolyn, but hey I had seen her every day since 2012 and suddenly it changed, u know a girl with adjustment disorder this was shocking for my brain!

We had a rocky few weeks with Ben, barking, not going to bed as he doesn't like change either! But he's settled down now and it's working really well, apart from my odd football disappearing acts!!

It's nice to talk to different people and learn about them, I'm a people person after all!! 


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