Wednesday, 17 February 2016



I recently watched a documentary on friendship and it really made me think, apparently you can only have 5 best friends and then 150 further friends in two other categorises. Now before I got rheumatoid I'd have said yes and no, I've never really had best friends close friends yes, maybe that's the issue!

I mean what is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone that sticks by you through good and bad, wants to spend time with you, always there if you need them good or bad, the feeling you can just pick up the phone to shout, cry, smile, celebrate ... That to me is a best friend.

Friendship in general is so important to a person, your friends should light you up, they are all at different levels, but seeing a friend say "your doing alright Vicky" just makes me smile and hold on to hope that I can keep fighting my many battles.

So I look at my many friendships, I am blessed to have friends all around the world, many share a condition with me be it rheumatoid or A heart problem.

Some I've known since well I was a baby, first school, middle, school, high school, college, uni and adult life!

I am still questioning the whole best friend question but I can see that I have some very close friends now even though I have rheumatoid and a wheelchair they still enjoy spending time with me! 

I mean when I think of friends I'd call or text my brain says .. Andy, Peter, Eric, heather, Katy, Claire and James  (not in any particular order) But American wise, Mary and Lee would be top of that list! 

So I guess my best friends would be out of those above

But I love all my friends who have ACCEPTED me regardless of rheumatoid or the wheelchair 

V xx

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