Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You made me who I am

On Monday morning my nan passed away at the grand old age of 85 ... She fell asleep for the last time.

My nan along with my mum who died 8 years ago this August and my grandad who died 17 years ago this month 9/2 they taught me many things while here with me.

Grandad taught me about FAMILY no matter what life throws at you, keep your family close to you, keep in touch and love each other. He also taught me about football! 

My mum she taught me the most, never give up on what you believe in, never give up on your self and never give in to illness .. She also taught me to have friends and look out for them because everyone needs friends

My nan taught me .. Never give up on your dreams, be stubborn and she told me that life it's for living don't regret your decisions

So I raise a drink to the three most beautiful, intelligent, strong minded people who made me the person you know today

I love you and I'll always miss you

Charlie (grandad)
Sue (mum)
Betty (nan) 

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you to them for pouring such love and inspiration into you! I raise my glass with you!