Friday, 23 December 2016

Being a red!

Being a red!!

Being a united fan is like being in this huge family that you didn't know you had! The Reds travel up and down the uk following the Reds and trek across Europe! We do it for our United love of the red shirt, of the crest of Manchester United football club.

Many see me at away games and the odd home game, smiling, in my infamous pink hat! What they don't see is what it does take it get there, because I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis which means I'm in a wheelchair and server anxiety and mild depression.

Day before match day my anxiety kicks in and I can not sleep, trust me I think of everything from missing my train to match called off!

The morning I have to get up 2 hours before I even think of getting ready to get my joints moving enough, then I need to get dressed! Ok now I'll base it on a home game. I then sit worrying about my lift not turning up, I have to take painkillers just todo the 2 hour drive to Manchester without crying in pain! When we eventually get to old Trafford, I've at least once asked to turn around because of my anxiety! There's been tears and so my pain is bad and I'm rocking.

Out the car I can see old Trafford but I crnt go in, after being lifted into my chair I'm thinking I'd rather sit in the car! Now off to the stadium and we walk through crowds my anxiety is huge ... we walk around the stadium so I can compose myself!

We go in, I see certain friendly faces they know I'm upset but put a happy face on we chat. Anxiety lowers but I'm rocking in my seat due to my pain.

Match starts for 90 minutes I'm that smiley pink hat fan people know ...

Then the anxiety starts all over again, the pain worse for sitting in the cold weather.

It takes me two days to recover ....

Why do I do it? Because I'm a RED!

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