Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Its been a tough for months

Hello all, Since my last blog ive had a really tough time both rheumatoid and personally but things are starting slowly to even out again now, so though i'd give you an update on the rheumatoid. So the one big news i have is that my consultant told me i have Mild Fibramalgia which seems to be quite common with people who have rheumatoid so i've tried not to let it get to me so much, its just another obstacle i need to over come. Secondly is that i have decided that after discussions with both of my consultants and understanding the pro's and risks that it is time to take the risk the medication it is scary to think that i will be on these drugs. But my consultant has introduced me to the whole team so i know them by name and sight which was a nice touch. I can not really put fully into words how i feel nervous, scared, apprehensive all come to mind but ultimately i am scared! I will be on methrotrex and a biologic and see how that goes. This means an aprox 3 tablets a week and self injecting myself although i'll have some one else do it for me! I'm still coming to terms with this news but it will sick in eventually. Thirdly i went swimming for the first time in a while which was great i managed to do a couple of lengths certainly got my heart going! I felt so happy with myself but what i enjoyed most was sitting in the hydro pool first so relaxing on the joints! I am still fighting and proud of raising Rheumatoid awareness Keep strong all xx

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