Wednesday, 6 February 2013


So today marks the start of CHD awareness week 7 February to the 14th February is week is about raising much needed awareness on CHD congenital heart disease! As many of you know I was born with a heart condition TOF my mum new I was a poorly baby. I was born in a normal community hospital in the town I lived in then I was taken to Birmingham children's hospital for more specialist care. I wasn't I'm great shape I was given a BT shunt which helps sick TOf kids live until yes have there major repair now back in the 80s they didn't automatically do this so early on like they do now in days of being born for the very sick. so my Bt shunt was to help me until I had my repair later. I spent many many weeks in hospital! I was christened in hospital because they didn't think I would live. I was lucky enough to go home and my family and town folk were raising funds for me to have my hear operation as soon as possible they raised a lot of money I was on TV and I cried! The time eventually came one November day in 1989 when I was to have my life saving heart operation now I don't know how long I was in theatre for as my mum never told me but I'm assuming it was a long time I bet it was scary for her and my family. I eventually came through the operation with a repaired heart thanks to my surgeon and consultant who I will forever be grateful to. I started school I'm 1990 with every other child and enjoyed it I had a lot of time off because I was a sick child. In 1991 I had my arteries widened via a ballon procedure. That was the last surgery I've had I've been lucky. Over the past 28 years I have had stress tests running in a treadmill to make sure my hearts ok, echocardiograms much like an ultrasound on the heart and E.C.Gs I've been poked and proded by hundreds of doctors but I don't mind because they gave me the gift the greatest gift of all life. I'm still under cardiac care I always will be my heart is not cured it just repaired in the future it's likely ill need another open heart surgery when that time comes ill face it when the time comes. Special thanks to my heart hospital I'm London for continued support. To the staff and specialists who saved me at the children's hospital Birmingham. Also those who I have met a long the way from young at heart as we grew up together and we still keep in touch today. Xx

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  1. Heart babies are some of the toughest people ever! (As you prove time and again!)