Saturday, 2 February 2013


I was lay on the sofa earlier with rheumatoid giving me a lot of pain in my back and hips and I thought you know what I'm a survivor I live every day in constant pain but you don't hear me moaning! I also have a heart condition which I talk about when needed. I have fort from day 1 and now as I approach my 28th birthday I want to say thank you THANK YOU to all my friends past and present my family and my long suffering medical team .. Why? Because you help me get through every day your belief in me keeps me going through the tough days and your willingness to allow me to be me even in pain makes me realise how special you all are to. With out the support of my GUCH team I'd be in a lot worse place I'm thankful every day that I can call you up and talk about what's on my mind and ask for advice. My rheumatoid team it's quite a new team as I changed team but you came through for me when it got tough you told me it was OK to be scared you told me it was OK to say I'm in pain but most of all you showed me my inner strength to get through the tough days. Xxx

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  1. Hi Vicky, I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    I also blog about my journey with RA

    Have a look :) x