Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Photo shoot

So if you read my blog you'll know I did a "50 things todo" and I have recently ticked another of my list "have a photo shoot" so this is the story of this experience!

On Wednesday 17th June I went to style photography to have a photo shoot. Now I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been told to take some changes in clothes with me, what do I take? Well I ended up with two outs which included jeans, mufc shirt and a cream shire and then two black dresses! 

Sheila asked how I'd like my hair and I said curly as it's my favourite style on me and then we discussed make up and decided that something simple would be best as I'm not a huge make up wearer, it's a lot of effort for someone with minimal movement.

Now I was a little nervous so me being me didn't shut up! It took nearly two hours to just do my hair and make up! Why I hear you ask? Because I have a lot of hair and it takes a long time and plus I was talking a lot! Thanks go Sheila who was very good and understanding of my talking! 

Then I met Doug who was the photographer and he made me feel at ease. We did the photos with me out of my wheelchair, I was sat on a stall for the photos.

Sheila was very kind in helping me change my outfits as well, thank you again.

First outfit my jeans a mufc shirt! I had different looks done but I think my favourite was when I was holding the football! It was different! 

Second outfit was jeans and a cream shirt! Which I had mainly casual pics took! 

Third outfit was my black dress, that I like going out in! Sheila found some jewellery for me to wear for these photos. We used hats with this outfit both wearing and holding to show my eyes only! 

My fourth outfit was my lipsy dress that I has for my birthday to celebrate turning 30! They changed the background on this one to a Greek background! 

Overall I had a lot of fun and felt great! I enjoyed meeting both Sheila and dough and they made me feel so welcome.

I look forward to seeing the photos :)


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  1. Sounds great fun. Would love to have professional photographs done. Can't wait to see them xxxx