Thursday, 2 July 2015

When things get tough

I've been flaring loads in this hot weather, I mean what's with bulling my left knee Mother Nature/rheumatoid bully?! 

I have a good day then I have a really bad day and I currently have a knee that looks like I've attached a ball on the side.. I know right what girl does what accessory! 

It really hurts too, now is wouldn't moan but the thing is I rely on my left knee although the leg it's self is useless .. I mean really useless it kind of helps me with transferring and balancing and when I crnt bend it or put pressure on it .. It's causing a few problems! I mean I will just have to grin and bare it .. Like always, I'm a tough cookie but it has made me cry without this knee it kind of makes my life difficult.

On top of that, my hips are playing up making travel difficult, I mean how am I ment to attack the football season with a dodgy knee and hips? I think it might be time to call on the big guns .. Stronger painkillers .. Sad day :( but I'm NOT giving up the one love I have Manchester United .. Keep the faith I'll be there!

Talking of Manchester United I'm off to a dinner for MUDSA in October so I need to get a new dress! (Sorry side note there!!!)

This recent flare has made me really think about friendships and life in general, I mean what next if things keep getting worse,what's the next step for me? I don't know but it's not looking good really.

Friendships well I'd love to tell you all how I have loads of friends and people all around me supporting me but you know sometimes I feel really lonely but on the other hand I do have some close friends who although live miles away I know they are there for me, even if they are miles away.

When I was younger I remember saying "when I'm 30, I'll have a success job, loads of friends, be married and have kids"

I guess my 12 year old self would be gutted that I havnt lived out her life, dam you rheumatoid you suck, 30 year old vicky would just like to live a day pain free and with someone to support her through the good and bad times.

Oh and you know random my clothes keep disappearing, it's very odd, maybe rheumatoid is telling me  these ain't suitabke for me lol .., hey rheumatoid you need to listen up I still have an identity you crnt strip me of everything.

Anyway I best stop waffling on .

Before I go I need to tell you about my new blog "wheelietravel" it's all about traveling 

Thanks to those who have kept reading this blog over the years it's meant a lot xxx

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