Friday, 17 July 2015

The big trip!!

After much disappointed I have finally booked New York!! Woohoo I'm going with my friend heather, who if your a regular reader will know we explored Dublin together, or should that be caused havoc! 

Now firstly I want to thank heather for agreeing to explore New York City! Some where neither of us have visited, I know we are both going to have so much fun, esp in the chocolate shops (get buying a suitcase to fill with chocolate!!) 

We are going in April next year,so have 9 months to plan, perfect and pack every minute with fun and good memories, because that's important! 

So things I've learnt, you have to really search for hotels with good accessibility, lucky for me I love looking at hotels! I'll let you know when we have chosen our hotel! 

I've done lots of research, websites, magazines and ordered a travel guide (which I havnt recieved yet!)

New York seems relatively accessible even Broadway! But I've got to send lots of emails to confirm and book, why crnt things be simple?!

But here's to 9 months of planning and exploring New York from my home! 

I am hopeful one dream I had will come true and that's meeting michelle in New York and having our pic took in Times Square!!

Now to look for more adventures in 2016!!!! 

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