Saturday, 22 August 2015

Villa away

So on Friday 14th my first experience of Friday night football!! 

The original plan was to leave last minute after all we only live like 18 miles from villa park! I was reading Twitter and then I saw that the m6 had been closed near villa park, oh no! So change of plan we had tolerate earlier than expected! 

The journey to villa park took nearly 2 hours, what a nightmare, but thankfully I wasn't coming from too far away! We got to the car park eventually after a long journey! We asked if we could park at a different location because we needed to get the wheelchair out the car, the kind car park attendant allowed us to, thank you Mr parking man!! 

When then made our way to our seats, well hmm not the best directions given, but never mind. Most people I am sure thought we were villa fans because we sounded like them lol!! I was even given a sweet and ballon .. Yeah I wasn't that's impressed lol

The entrance to villa park was wide and easily accessible for the wheelchair which was good. Inside there was plenty of places to get food and drink, I noticed one unit had a lowered window, wasn't sure if it was for wheelchair users or just the building!

The blocks were well sighed so easy to find our place, with the home face, oh no!

Here's my view:

We were some of the first to arrive at villa park, I was worried fellow fans wouldn't make it lucky they did!

I used the toilets at villa park and found them operated by the radar key system, the toilet was large however for me turning on one foot was a little difficult as it was so close to the wall!! Plus a spider in the sink didn't help!!

As for the game it ended 1-0 to Manchester United hurray!!

Was disappointed to see some fans shouting at United disabled fans.

On a plus it took us just over an hour to get home!


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