Friday, 28 August 2015


So the start of August we decided to go on a day trip to legoland, well me, Carolyn, Matt and the littles ladies ended up going!

The journey down wasn't as long as expected so that was ideal, although getting up so early wasn't my favourite thing todo, I hate getting up early!

The day was fab, I was taking lots of pictures on my camera which I haven't uploaded yet, sorry people! My cousin, Matt and the girls were on and off rides they looked like they were having a fantastic time, the girls loved the log flume and getting wet, lucky for us it was a warm day!

My day was spent swatting wasps and flying ants with the legoland Map haha!! 

I loved seeing the model area with Big Ben and such really impressive I did enjoy the Glastonbury bit hehe!!

We left Legoland and my knee was really hurting :( but I thought well we will be home soon! Then the real adventure started!!

We got onto the motorway and though won't be long til we are home now! Then the car stopped on the hard shoulder it just lost power! So had to ring recovery next thing we know there's road traffic behind us as a wheelchair user I couldn't get out the car! So I got to sit in the car while Matt spoke to them next thing rac arrived.

Unfortunately they wouldn't take us home instead leaving us at a hotel for a tow truck! So we ended up getting a taxi from the Oxford area all the way back to our home town about 80 miles my knee is bits but still smiling for the girls! 

We got home very late and I went straight to bed took a few days to recover.

But I'd do it all again to spend time with my family making precious memories


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