Saturday, 22 August 2015

Brugge and Swansea next week

I guess your call this blog part 1 of 3 as we have the first pre journey, the second Brugge away and thirdly Swansea away!!

So I found out I had tickets for Brugge away, how exciting my first European away match, my debut!! Not sure what to expect for disabled facilities but it's sure to be an experience!

So first off I decided I would get a travel cushion because it's going to be a long ass journey! So the plan is to leave around 7am for the euro tunnel which means getting up very early for me! Then drive across to Brugge and of course I'll take some pics along the way!

After the match we are driving back to France! Before I know it it'll be back in England.

I'm really not sure how my rheumatoid is going to cope with this journey but here's hoping it'll be fine! If not well I'll trust in my painkillers! 

I intend to rest up and ready for the next journey!

Driving to Swansea for a long trip and my second game in a week! It shouldn't be such a bad journey! I am told Swansea is very good for disabled access so I'll let you know what I think after the match! 

So that's all happening next week, let's do this together, positive thoughts for Vicky!! 

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