Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A year on

A year a go today I went to Cambridge United at the FA cup, we took a draw and they came to old Trafford, but that very day in a way changed me well as a football fan! 

I'd sat on the train wondering if I was doing the right thing going, I sat there talking to a group of women on the train, talk to anyone me then! The thing was what I didn't know was things were going to change that night, for the better. 

I mean I was low on confidence, I didn't see how I had friends, I knew football would pull me out but I never realised just how much.

I first met Andy who seemed a nice guy, he I'm sure thought crazy brummie chick, I'm from Worcestershire people!! 

The game came, I first saw Jon and Alex although we didn't speak, Jon was busy patting di Maria on the back!! 

Seeing the view at Cambridge enlightened my outrage for wheelchair users everywhere!

I also met random away fans who I regular chat to Even now a year on.

After walking back everyone was going back to cars, hotels you could feel the disappointment in them all .. I mean drawing to Cambridge!

In the hotel bar, waiting for Andy I was thinking dam I'm cold haha! Then I met peter and Gordon! The Scottish lads as I call them now with affection!!

After that night, going home I though to myself I think I'll be ok going away with United, suddenly I felt able Togo again without fear 

A year on .. I'm still friends with Andy, Peter and Gordon made some some lovely memories with them. 

I've become friends with Andy M,  Scott, Jon and Alex, Kevin and Martin and Zoe and Richard .. I call us the wheelchair gang! We've made many memories together, including getting soaked in Brugge and freezing outer butts on a train platform in Wolfsburg lol 

But I've also made new friends in the able section too, the traveling United fans are a family and accept this crazy Worcestershire lass who wears a pink hat, everyone knows where I am because of my hat!! 

Thanks for all the love and friendship guys, you made me feel accepted for the first time in my life .. Love you guys ❤️❤️ UNITED!!! 

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