Saturday, 25 February 2012


I started this blog as a 26 year old with rheumatoid arthritis and now i am 27 years old still with rheumatoid arthritis!

On my birthday i woke up and i gave a little "woop" because rheumatoid was giving me a break i was pleased!

I got up and picked my brother up from college with my dad, then went to have my reiki which was nice on my birthday to! Then me and my brother and dad went for some thing to eat which was lovely as we dont often do it as a family.

I went home and opened my cards and gifts from, family and friends and looked online to see i had so many birthday messages from friends and family i was truely touched by them all thank you.

Then i saw my cousin and her girls and that was nice as always. Then i just rested up and hoped that the next year would be a good year for me.

So a huge thank you for all my birthday messages ive recieved through out the past week they have all been so nice ive been touched.


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