Friday, 2 March 2012

Its been a long winter

Simply by the title you can get the gist of this post!

This past winter has been long and painful in fact ive slept so much just thinking about it seems unbelievable. Ive had no energy often staying in and happy with my own company with my music on or a good book, its been long its been painful but its over!

This winter i managed to go to a few things, olly murs and the saturdays which i am glad i got to go to as other wise winter would have been worse!

I've had many flares a long the way often lasting weeks some times leaving me unable to get dressed. Alot of the time moving seemed a lot of effort with me wincing in pain at just getting up to grab a drink or such.

Its seen a lot of changes to, learning to live on my own accept help throughout the day but it has been worth it because now winter is over and i can enjoy my summer before the big rheumatoid decided its ready to show its face with force on its mind in sept to make me miserable!

So here's to the summer :D

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