Friday, 2 March 2012

March's excitment!

I normally have less pain during summer i am sure its because i am more happy with the sun being out and i hope this year i can have some fun as its been a long winter. I know it is only march but let the fun start!

I am off to see Disney On Ice at the NIA in two weeks with my cousin and her eldest and i can not wait .. we are going to see tinkerbell dance around the ice! It will be nice to spend some time with them both bit of a girlie morning!

Then im off to JLS at the end of the month which i can not wait for not seen them for 2 years on stage! It will be a good weekend with my lovely cousin, jls, shopping and food it will be a couple of days and be nice to spend time with my cousin!

I have lots of exciting stuff planned for this coming summer and hope to see lots of my friends and family a long the way and as we get there i'll of course let you know what im going to be doing and of course how it went afterwards.

Will also let you know how the NIA rates with wheelchair friendlyness! I have not before but i have been to a few places and had excellent service so lets hope they match the excitment!

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