Friday, 23 March 2012

Disney On Ice

Now i forgot to update on this day out!

I was up early and got ready and waited for my cousin, aunty and little one to pick me up. I was ready when my cousin arrived so we got in to the car and then off we went to the NIA. When we arrived we wasnt sure were we could be dropped off as a wheelchair user. So we parked up near the disabled parking. I got out the car and into my wheelchair with little one on my lap we walked around the NIA and was looking for the entrance for disabled customers it wasnt overly well displayed. Once inside the NIA we went up for the show we found our seats which were good.

Disney on Ice was excellent we all really enjoyed it. The princess's were amazing as well as the hero's it was so well put together and has equally made me excited about going to eurodisney in july. Over all a fantastic day out.

We then went to meet my aunty after the show and got in the lift to go back down and we urm got a little stuck, the lift didnt move we tried it twice and still no movement so we swiftly made out way out of the lift and used the other lift.

Disney On Ice was fantastic and i loved it as did my cousin and her little girl it was a really good day out and i look forward to another day out soon with my family.

With love

v xx

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