Friday, 2 March 2012

Upcoming Heart Appointment

So 24 months has past since ive been to London to see my lovely heart team! To say i am excited sound a little weird but they are like friends/ family to me they have been on such a journey with me since turning into an adult "GUCH" (grown up congenital heart) patient. I mean we have seen partners come and go together lol, my mother passing away, rheumatoid setting in and eating problems establish themselves, i wouldnt change my team for the world!

At points over the past few years i think they have been my first point of call for advise, understanding and general kicking me to get my ass into gear!

With the excitment of seeing my team there is of course the dread of seeing them i mean 24 months in a heart patients life is a long time. I am hopeful of a see you next year unless you have any problems senario but with CHD you just never know!

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