Friday, 23 March 2012

My heart

So after 2 long years and a few days of serious worry the time came for me to go back to my heart hospital to see how it was, i was scared and worried but i knew it had to be done.

I was up at 8.30am to get ready for my day. I then went to the bus station with my brother to await the bus. Lucky a bus came earlier than expected and so the journey began a 1 hour journey to Birmingham it was quite and long! We then had an hour to use so we popped to the bullring and had a hot chocolate and then we looked around a few shops to see if there was anything i wanted!

We then went to pick up our tickets for the journey to London Euston. We got on our train with help from network rail workers for a ramp. For the next hour and a half we made our way down to london it was a good journey. We arrived at Euston and eventually wad helped off the train by a virgin representative which was good! We then got my brother's oyster card topped up and then off we went to the bus!

We got the number 30 bus to baker street now you may have guessed my brother has never used public transport in London before and he was really impressed he said its a lot easier to use the buses down here! We then walked to the heart hospital.

After that its a bit of a blur as i saw my GUCH nrews and had a good chat with her about things and then was sent down to have an echo we was waiting around 3 hours! We then went back up to see my consultant as we was going up i looked at my test results and i exclaimed to my nurse well the echo looks good!

After about 15mins i went into see my consultant and i had perfect Blood pressure, 99% sats and heart rate was fine! I am under weight to which he had asked for me to see a dietition again as feels i need better support with my eating. But he said as far as i am concerned your heart is fine and that we could not go for some treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis!

I left with a smile and if i was walking i'd definatly have had a spring in my step! We then got the 18 back to euston and we had some thing to eat although i couldnt eat much because i was so happy with my appointment.

We travled back to birmingham and missed our bus so we waited for an hour then we went bk to bus stop to discover that this was a friday only bus so we had to get a taxi home!

The good news is my hearts in a good state and means medication for my rheumatoid arthritis can now start, happy times :)

v xx

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