Thursday, 5 April 2012


I was very excited this time last week as i knew i was going to manchester tomorrow! It was a long drive up but a good one over all apart from nearly ending up in liverpool, but we wont mention that! I wore some black combats i hadnt worn in a while felt good! We eventually got up a lovely man carried our bags or im sure my suitcase would have caught the wheels on the wheelchair! The staff at the hotel were really good.

The room its self was really wheelchair friendly with a walk in wardrobe that i could get into as well in my wheelchair but the best thing was the 2 bathrooms in 1 hotel room one was totally wheelchair friendly the other a normal bathroom for my cousin i thought it was fantastic!

My cousin helped do my hair which was great i finally had straight hair again it was so lovely! Then i got read i wore my new pink jeans i felt really modern and groovy! I wear a certain named jeans because of the cut which is loose around the knee and the ankle i love them.

The taxi was great had wheelchair access a ramp so easy to get in and out of the taxi fantastic service and a friendly guy.

Upon arriving at the MEN we had to go up in a lift which was fine got into the men and found our seats again fantastic seats i crnt moan!

Overall the people of manchester were so helpful with doors etc was nice! Great time had by both of us.


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