Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Feeling trapped

So ive been thinking about stuff these days few days due to talking to several people with in my team and it just cries out how trapped i feel. Pre-rheumatoid i was different i could go to football matches, i could go shopping, i could go on days out on holiday even at the drop of a hat i did what i wanted when i wanted i was maybe you could a sper of the moment kind of girl.

Now my life is so different i just dont know when im next going to have some fun, i try to think positive but deep down i feel so trapped in this small town were transport is shocking i can not even use the train station because u have to go over a bridge! The buses are just irregular and not great for the wheelchair anyway. I can not go/do anything on my own and it winds me up i have needs to do things like any one else, i want to go and cheer on my football team, i want to walk around the shopping centre for hours just because i'm a girl! I want to wake up and think you know what i'll take a trip to the seaside today because its a nice day no i can not do any of that instead i have to sit in these dam four walls and if im not in these four walls im sat in a stupid wheelchair unable to go/see what i want to do being "taken" by some one else .. what life is that? it truely is so fustrating.


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