Wednesday, 7 August 2013


So i guess ive not updated for a while on my general health so i though id do it now. Ok so i started back on MTX i wont lie its tough on me. im shattered for a few days and have a headache for a about 5 days, infact its like ive been on the drink for a week, not the best when i havnt had the fun as well! I take it once a week and then folic acid 6 dayds a week so its become part of my routine. My fatigue is quite bad recently ive been sleeping more. I have gained weight though which is a definate plus its been a long journey but im getting there. My asthma has been playing up too which isnt helping. Im due to start physio finally later in the month and will update you with that once ive started it! Im having a few issues with hearing things since my recent sinusitis infection so im off back to my doctors this week to get a referal back to audiology as i use to them as a child when i had gromits! Back at heart hospital in September for a check up have to have an echo abd ecg this time as had server regorgitation so im guessing it wont be long before the big open is upon me, i know one day ill need to have open heart surgery but im thankful that my original surgon did such an amazing job that at present its not needed and im 29 in 6 months! I was at the doctors last week with a few issues ive been having ive got to have some blood tests firstly for my mtx as well as some hormone tests they dont really know whats going on with me, it could just be my hormones playing up but they also have to test for cancer and its pretty scary but i am hoping that its nothing and i will be ok but thats just life and what ever the outcome of the tests are ill get through them with my own determination my family and friends by my side xx

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