Sunday, 19 January 2014

Manchester Bound

So here we are 2014 and its January so far no big appointments to tell you about although they are coming thick and fast now! I am planning my first trip to Manchester next week so i thought id give you a wee preview, i might even bring photos back!

So i applied for the second leg of the Capital One Cup games between Manchester United v Sunderland. Now being a wheelchair user i never expect to get a ticket or id get disappointed! So any tickets are a bonus.

I was lucky to obtain tickets, saying that United i like to give me tickets for night games, even though nothing beats a game under the flood lights at Old Trafford.

So i shall make my normal trip up north via bus, train and taxi to my final location The Lowry Hotel i choose this hotel because of there disabled facilities fantastic, i will meet up with my good friend Mark and i will now name him my football no.2 as we go to alot of games together!

The plan is food and football wednesday followed my lunch and traveling home on thursday!

I am looking forward to going and glad to be out and about in January as its normally a quite month for me

Plus im going to my second home MANCHESTER!!!


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