Monday, 13 January 2014

Practicality over brand

Mobile Phone Upgrade

You see i have been really unlucky with rheumatoid because not only did it take my legs it made my hands really deformed and makes a lot of thimgs difficult and one of those things is using a mobile phone. Now its just not as simple as getting which phone you love, im a huge fan of samsung ive had these phones for 6 years but now they are huge and just not practicle for me so heres what i have to consider

  • size of mobile
  • weight of mobile - too light would not be good

Now you see most people just go oh i love that phone and get it for me i have to consider all these things and it means i often can not get the phone id love and the brand i trust, but what do i do? i have a phone because of brand and choice that i crnt use or do i get a phone thats practicle and useable .. well theres no point in getting a phone i can not use, its a hard thing to deal with but at least the "new" brand ill be getting is still stylish just not a brand i prefer.

Its not the biggest thing or the most distaterous but it just hurts i have to let my rheumatoid rule my choices not just for the easy and simple things.

Above you can see pictures of both my hands

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  1. I too have to consider size and weight. It is funny when I think about how much R.A. rules your life,sometimes without even realising it....