Monday, 3 February 2014


Six years a go today February 2nd I was 22 years old women, wearing high heels wearing clothes I wanted to, sad because my mum was sick but I didn't know the important of this day. Seven months later I was told I had rheumatoid .. I was 23 .. I had never heard of this disease or the awful things it could do to a person ... Six years on I know about rheumatoid ... I take steroids every day I take chemotherapy once a week I take painkillers every day and I'm not talking paracetamol. Six years on I crnt wear heels .. I crnt wear clothes I like .. My legs don't work .. My hands do fists ..I'm in constant pain .. I need a gel to stop my hips giving so much pain prevent me sleeping. Six years on I suffer insomnia .. Chronic pain .. Depression .. Six years on I'm in a wheelchair ... That's what rheumatoid can do .. They say it's just arthritis though .. What do you think?

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