Monday, 3 February 2014

A trip of a lifetime .. time zones and all


Now ever since i was knee high i always said "im going to travel mum" and she always said i have no doubt you will, because once i set my mind to something i will get there. Now i had a couple of opportunities to do a world trip but for different reasons, mainly academic, i didnt go. then i got rheumatoid then i got the wheelchair accessory, i thought im never going to forfill my dreams, then i thought hey who you talking to vicky, a defeatist or yourself!

Last year in 2013, i traveled to the cannary islands, a place thats never been on my rador before now however i love the place home from home! Then of course i forfilled a life time dream to visit france, i know crazy right? just one place ive always wanted togo to! I hope to go back to france and explore more of the country and met lots of lovely french people! I have many other european countries to tick off my travel bucket list, its quite extensive! Seeing a camal in May 2013 well i almost ekked with excitment new experiences. Dont get me wrong the UK ius beautiful, England, Scotland, ireland and wales too, beautiful places to visit and you can not beat a sunny day walking along the themes or a cold winters night under the lights of old trafford!

But this summer (as long as my last health check 1 week before travel fit to fly) i am going to conqur my BIGGEST adventure yet i am going to visit AMERICA!!! (i heard those screams!!)

Now i have ALWAYS wanted to visit New York and unfortunatly this trip wont allow me to explore unless you count the 6 hours houled up in JFK airport waiting for my flight home to the UK! I will travel many time zones!!! British summer time, Eastern time (+5), Central Time (+6) and Pacific time (+8).

I have met some wonderful people through my heart and rheumatoid groups with facebook, unfortunatly i wont manage to visit you all, but you know what they say ... ill be back!!!

I am so excited to meet my oldest friend Mary and my rheumatoid friend Amber and there lovely families and ive no doubt some friends along with the way!!

So i am going to be visiting DETROIT where Amber lives and we are definatly going to be visiting an american football stadium and a basketball match and a casino too and lots of other things i am so looking forward to hitting detroit ad surrounding areas. We are thinking of visiting Chicargo for a day how exciting is that? If i have time/energy and money allows we may visit Las Vegas but if not next time for sure!!

Then im heading east and for the pacific ocean! Well not literally haha! Im going to SEATTLE ekk!! This is where Mary lives and the home of super bowl champions 2014, seattle seahawks!! Now a little confession i actually thought she lived in washington DC so when i realised it was washington state and nearer to australia than new york i did have a little pale moment!! Im excitied to be heading for the space needle, seattle wheel, monerail mall and an island im getting a boat too!

So America vickys coming to visit doing it as always the vicky way!! Although the thought of sitting in JFK airport for 6 hours is quite annoying haha!!!


lots of love xxx

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