Sunday, 9 February 2014

Somerset flood

Now firstly I'm in the mist of a terrible hand flare, thanks to the awful weather we are experiencing here but I had to write this piece through pain.

As a youngster I spent many happy holidays on the south west coast in  Somerset, it holds such lovely memories of both my mum and grandad who have both passed away. The one holiday we were all together in brean my uncles aunty cousins and grandparents.

But as I write this the beautiful area if being hammered by flooding ruining people's lives, communities cut off life will not be the same. I hope it can be cleaned up and tourism this summer can give them financial support to rebuild and help those affected, they are proud people of course they want help but they also want to help them selfs too.

Secondly I'd like to congratulate prince Charles on his recent visit to Somerset and providing funding to help the area.

My thoughts are with everyone in Somerset and I hope that this weather Improves and you get the support you need to get your communities sorted and strong again. I also hope the farmers can come through this natural disaster.


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