Saturday, 5 April 2014

Its been a while!!!

Well i havnt blogged since Feb but ive just seen ive reached 10,500 readers WOW thank you so much for staying with me ad my blog its been a long journey!

So whats happened since i last blogged .. well major event i turned 29!! To think i started this blog when i was 26 wow so much has happened in that time its been fun sharing it with you all, i kind of find my blog theroputic, i know sounds a bit crazy but it does.

For mty 29th i had a great day out with my cousin uncle and the girls at Thomas land had such a laugh and loved seeing the girls so excited about the rides it was lovely, then out for food and drinks in the evening which was nice. I was worried id be srtuck on my own but i wasnt and that was great.

The other major event since i last blogged is MANCHESTER!!

Well that was a mad one!! I went to the maximo park gig with friends. We laughed listened to great music had a wonder round town, i even got talking to a nice guy in a pub! i got a bit drunk lol but thats ok cuz i had a great time! Was lovely to spend time with duncan and have a chat!

i can not wait to go back to manchester!! Loads comimg up im off to the sunshine concert in London with my cousin and seeing mcbusted with a friend then back to manchester for a bank holiday mash up with Mark, Duncan, Eric and Duncan's friend Toni. Really looking forward to throwing down my hair and dancing and drinking lots of vodka oh and seeing the bands going to be a good one!!


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