Monday, 3 February 2014


I got sick

So after my trip to Manchester to see my team play and get booted out the capital one cup, i came feeling tired as always and nearled ended up in bournmouth!!

Then i started getting a scratchy throat and my voice a bit shacky i thought maybe it was from shouting at football, thrn i started sneezing!!

i woke up saturday with full on flu and with my bad health i knew this wasnt good. i spent the weekend in bed, monday i was on the phone ringing appointnrnts to cancel them and it meant i had to miss a football game that i was so looking forward to.

I went to the doctors a rattly chest (chest infection) and the flu, a course of antibiotics. So a week of rest, which always frustrates me as theres always something i need todo or somewhere i need togo.

I had been waiting since july for physio in my local area and i was due an appointmrnt thursday afternoon. i was feeling a little better so decided to see her, oh i wish i hadnt!!

physio came and did an assessment to get an idea of a programme for me to help my joints and build up my arm muscles. Well with being ill anyway bad decision by me ... not only was i sick i was now in a full flare up!!

We are now monday of a new week, i am still not 100% but better than i was my body is still flarimg and i still have a cough but i must get things done and appointments or ill be two weeks behind myself!

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