Sunday, 17 July 2016

DW Wigan scoring

So this season I'm going to add a score to each stadium .. I'm sure you'll all find interesting! 

I am scoring each point out of 5 

Pre contact  - 4

The email was returned quickly although little information about the actually parking situation at the DW even though explaining I was an away fan.

Parking - 1

Although there was plenty of places, there wasn't any designated disabled parking so hard to get in/out of car if your parked next to and cost £5

Stewards - 3

Stewards, helped us get Kevin's ticket reprinted and all smiled but there just wasn't enough about, I know it was only a pre season but I think the majority of stewards were mufc and not Wigan, cold do better! 

Cleanliness - 4

Overall it wasn't too bad!

Signage - 0

This was because we had no direction on how to get into the DW as disabled fans we just wondered round! Then upstairs we had no idea were e2 was again no signs and so I scored this low, we could have easily missed kick off.

Toilets - N/A

I didn't use toilet so I crnt fairly give this a score. It was noted it was ramped access though.

View - 1 

This was poor, if I hadn't bossed a few able fans about I wouldn't have seen a thing! Needs improving 

PA seat - 0

We was told the seats were to the left of the platform, how can you leave a child or vulnerable adult to look after them self, poor again, there's room for a seat on the platform for PA

General accessibility - 2

Could do better, the lift was present but tiny! 

Ticket price - 2

An adult costs £15 .. Which for a friendly felt it was expensive! Esp with everything else considered 

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