Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pre season Wigan away

It was an early start for me 7:20am! I was up to have my meds and get ready, my brother came down at 8am to get me sorted out, bah was packed including my medical drinks and then before I knew it Shaun was here.

The journey up was full of chatter as I hadn't seen Shaun for a while. I had to stop at Stafford as I was feeling sick and needed a drink! We got up to Wigan around 12:15 so I had my second liquid food of the day. Now my first moan of the new season was the parking £5 for the parking that wasn't even disabled .. I was not happy! 

Then Jon, Alex, Nigel, Daniel, Kev and Martin all turned up! Hurray! It was lovely to see everyone! We all got in our wheelchairs and we're off and looking for tickets as Nigel had Togo and pick one up from ticket office, then Kevin suddenly said where's my bum bag? Well it transpired it was back in Manchester with his tickets! We laughed a little but then got into action, well Martin did say, least it's not the cup final! We found a steward who told us Togo round to ticket place, they rang mufc and then printed Kev more tickets! I was then left in charge of the tickets until we found our way round to the east stand. We realised at this point that we wasn't all siting togethe, boo! We was sent up in a lift, then as the door opened we was greeted with a familiar wall of noise!

Now Kev went and found his space, me, Shaun, Jon and Alex were like where do we go E2 win no clear signage and a lack of stewards around which was disappointing to say the least. Eventually we found someone to ask, who suggested we wait til KO to go, what no way! So I felt reluctantly they guided us through united fans to e2! 

We made it to the platform eventually, to be greeted with no PA seats and not the best seats, I growled and scowled a few times! 

At half time I saw my friend 

Then I feel asleep I'm told we scored 2 goals in this time and that's great, seeing lik shaw back was superb! After the match we went back to the car 

We said our goodbyes and see you August 3rd and then the long trip home. I slept, felt pain and and had a bit of a melt down with tiredness and needing the toilet and pain, never a good combination! 

Wigan done .. Not a great place .. On to old Trafford, see you all soon!! 

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