Friday, 19 July 2013


A lot of people say to me how do you cope? I admire you and Your doing just great vicky. But the truth is I'm 28 years old and I have to cope. This is my normal since I was 0 being at doctors going to hospitals being poked and prodded and asked are you ok? Since I was 23 being poked and prodded has become even more routine! In fact I'm at a loss when I don't see a member of my ever expanding team! How do you cope on your own? I have to cope what else can I do sit and fall apart that's just Not an option for me! I'm a fighter I get on with it. I wont lie and say It doesn't bother me because to be fair the amount of doctors as well as medical professionals that I see I often call them friends of the family lol! People say to me but dont you wish you were "normal" my answer this is my normal its pretty scary at times it's been a tough road but its my journey with my friends family and medical team so yes normal is seeing medical professionals every week I often give a confused look when people say I don't like the doctors why ever not they are great people and I for one are thankful for all there love support and hard work they have given me since 1985 up to now my team are the greatest in my opinion xx

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