Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fortisip and me!

So as my regular readers will know I'm struggling with an eating disorder I reached 5 stone 2 and I'm going to my monthly weigh in next week, let's see hopefully a gain! 

Struggling with food is due to anxiety and stress around food, it's not that I don't want to eat because I do, I drool over cream slices and donoughts, also mash potato .. There's only so much soup a girl can take! 

However to keep me going I have to take 3 fortisip a day, that helps me with protein and fibre in take as well as calories which are important! 

I have my first first thing in the morning around 8:15am a strawberry flavour which is fiber full! I'm not that keen on strawberry but they don't do it in chocolate! 

Lunch time I'm trying to introduce food, broccoli is good! 

My next one is about 4pm and it's chocolate! I have this after my soup! Then I have two lovely yoghurts! 

My last one is at 9:15pm and its chocolate again ...

That's 900 calories approx! 

All my food is also puréed as I crnt deal with solid food, one day I will eat that cream slice lol 


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