Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Manchester & chester 2016

Earlier on in the year I had a great trip to Manchester and Chester with my friend heather fro, Dublin, it's always lovely to see heather.

Unfortunately my health wasn't the best but we tried to make the best of it! We met in Manchester at the train station! And off we went to the palace hotel apartments which I've stayed at a few times! It's always lovely there! After some unpacking and getting dressed we was off to my favourite place to eat Rossos for a lovely meal. Well die to my eating I had mash potatoes but heather had some lovely food! 

We had a walk back through Manchester, stopping at morrisons for some lemonade and other goodies! Then we settled down to watch a bit of football before I went off to bed I was shattered and was excited to be visiting Chester as id never visited.

We was up early, got a taxi to the train station! Picked up our train station, the assistance I'd booked hadn't been logged but luckily we had some one to help! The train journey was about an hour going through some beautiful landscape at times! When we arrived at Chester the train manager kept his promise and got us off the train with the ramp, thank you mr train manager! We then got a cab to the hotel! A new hotel the Grosvenor.

Upon arrival the hotel porter retrieved a ramp for us and off I went out luggage was taken and stored for us. The room wasn't ready but they did let us check in and we left our luggage, they kindly rang us a taxi .. We was off to Chester zoo!! 

The zoo it absolutely huge but also amazing, I hadn't been to the zoo for a long time and I really enjoyed myself, seeing the animals in particular the little baby meerkats! The zoo was well laid out and over all I was impressed with the accessibility! The zoo offers the career to enter for free with you. After a long walk round a pit stop for some food, we rang the kind taxi driver who confirmed he'd pick us up around 4.30pm .. Time Togo in the shop! I brought the cutest magnet with a meerkat on it! 

After we got back from the zoo we asked if our room was ready, which it was! The lady kindly showed us to our room and explained about breakfast and such. The room was beautiful, we decided to chill for a bit then we went down stairs for the best lemonade I've ever had and some food for heather! That night we chilled out watching to and having a chat, which I really enjoyed :) 

The next day and heather got up early and went for breakfast, mine was delivered to the room at 9:30am, I really enjoyed the thick creamy milk that was full of vital calories as well as a hot choc which was yummy! I also got some toast which heather tried! And a croissant I took for later! 

After packing and saying goodbye to the room, we left out bags at the hotel and went sightseeing, the main trip was the cathedral which was amazing, I lit a candle for my nan while there.

We also went into the centre and onto the Roman wall! Then I retreated to the hotel as I was feeling in a lot of pain and heather went to look at some ruins while I enjoyed another lemonade! After a toilet break, we headed back to the train station. 

Again no pre booked assistance which did annoy me but these things happen, we was helped on at Chester and enjoyed a trip back, I was in real pain at the point and kindly heather said she didn't mind if I left earlier than planned. 

I was on my way home after saying goodbye, I had a little cry as leaving earlier wasn't planned and I was going to miss heathers company. I was also really stressed as my bank card had been stopped due to a fraud on my account! Luckily I was able to get hold of uncle Charlie and he was able to pick me up as I had no money on me!

I was glad to get Home and see my pets and have my bed, I had a few days rest before I was able to fully bounce back.

Thank you for a great weekend heather :) 

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