Sunday, 21 September 2014

Being a a burden on Friends

I know I've blogged about this many times but u know there's always something to say or discuss around the topic of friends after all things happen all the time that change the dynamics of friends u know?

You see I have lots of friends or maybe that should be acquaintance, I love social media because it keeps me in touch with many people. Only earlier in the week did my twitter pals do me proud with retweeting this very blog and we reached just under 50 thousand people. My Facebook friends too shared my blog all of which helps me to raise the awareness of rheumatoid arthritis and I'm proud that most people I come across on social media now can tell you about rheumatoid and say it's not just arthritis you know! Many people wouldn't know what it was before they spoke to me so I'm pleased I've been able to help people understand ra a little more.

I'm real lucky to have friends throughout this world and that's great and many I'd have not meant if it wasn't for chd or ra and for that I'm really great full I've sure meet some awesome people and been able to visit lovely places and have other adventures next year!

Anyway back to what I find hard the most. I live in a town that is well my home town I was born here went to school here! Yet I don't feel I belong here I mean I see my dad, brother and cousins but I have no friends here in fact I don't remember the last time I had a friend pop by! That's part of the problem here I feel so isolated with having no friends!

Saying that I hardly see any of my friends after my mobility got worse I found I was reliant on my wheelchair until I had to totally rely on it. It's no fun having a friend in a wheelchair I guess who crnt do everything and go everywhere you can. I mean what a bloody burden having a friend who crnt dance with you or go In the main crowds at gigs or sit on the terraces at the football, or go in all the shops because of steps or just plane and utter disorganised shops! Who wants to go on holiday with a friend who crnt get there own drink or get in the pool .. Well no one does really that's the thing really it's no fun having a friend in a wheelchair well hey it's no fun being in a wheelchair you know?

I'd love to see my friends more and speak to them more but guess that boats well and truely sailed!

So yes I feel like one huge burden in my friends and just wish I had one friend who didn't mind spending time with me and doing all the fun things I can still do and do still enjoy, football, gigs, holidays, shopping, meals out, traveling.

Wow that felt good bet I have upset a few people but hey go u gotta express it!

O.s I know people are busy and have commitments this is just how I feel I don't mean to upset anyone.

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