Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Heart update!

Well firstly I best update you on my heart appointment last month!

As always we were running late in clinic, I never expect to go in on time! I had my echocardiogram for my consultant to get a good look at my heart as he hadn't had one done in London for two weeks!

I chatted away with the lady doing the scan as always I get nervous and just go into motor mouth lol!!

I saw my consultant later and he said that my heart was good and enjoy America!

But ....

I then got a letter and I went total panic. My heart does had a leak but I found out this is common for people with my heart condition. After talking to Fiona my heart nurse I felt a lot better about the letter and was able to stop worrying so much.

All in all good appointment happy to see my team back in twelve months


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