Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's been a rocky few weeks!!

So I'm going to touch on a few things on this blog..

Firstly I have been seeing a new lady called sunita she's an OT who is helping me with my hand situation. She's really nice and takes time to listen which is important to me. We have have been working on my right hand Initially with getting better extension, this has worked my little finger goes a lot straighter! I have a hand/wrist splint that helps stretch my hand and then using a hand massager that helps work my muscles which helps with extension.

My left hand we are starting to work on now. We measured my hand at normal which showed bad numbers but expected. We then got a palm splint made and measured it again they had moved by 10 degrees!! But under pulling my fingers we can get another 20 degrees which means there's defiantly hope!

I have real hope for my hands again and hopefully that will be success and help my day to day life with better hand extension and usefulness!!

Then I met a new physio who took time to talk to me and listen to me!

We looked at my measurements not great my good leg is at a 33 degree angel which is worse than I expected. We looked at many things but unfortunately I was told that I won't walk again so I've been trying to come to terms with that.

I saw her a week later and she measured again after circling feet, bum clenching and knee stretching! My bad leg which is at 85 degrees was now at 75 degrees!! She had me on my feet well one leg trying to build up strength and get any movement or muscle building that's possible. I've been given another exercise a town round the foot and stretch that leg!

Found out I feel things in places most don't I.e top of my knee instead of behind!

Finally I found out that I have excellent core muscles!

So there's good and bad news I'm feeling a little unsure how I feel at the moment.

I will blog more

V xx

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