Friday, 19 September 2014


Having rheumatoid isn't just about living with pain like that isn't enough but I also suffer with fatigue lucky for me it's not constant it comes and goes but when it hits it really hits.

Now the weathers changing the pains stepped up as it does every autum and I will focus on my up coming trip to Seattle to allow me to get through this tough autum/ spring

Anyway back to fatigue. This week I've suffered so bad it's been silly. Tuesday alone I could only stay awake for 2 hours before needing a sleep and had to foce myself to stay away to take my medication! I have no idea what happened on Tuesday I was that fatigued!

Friday again has been a tough day for fatigue I went for a nap as my body was lagging and guess what I woke up and I'd only slept for 3 hours!

But with this in mind I also suffered insomnia on Thursday night it was ridicules I just couldn't fall asleep even though I was absolutely knackered as the rest of the week. Some have questioned if I have ME because of how I can get for me it's ra just rheumatoid and fibromyalgia having a good go.

For me it's time to relax stay in and get through the winter best way I know a hot water bottle and the heating on!

So here's to spring :) xxx

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