Sunday, 21 September 2014

High heels and me

I was reading a post in one of the groups I'm in (I have a big picture to share with you all when I've been on the laptop to do with this group!) anyway and the topic was what clothes and or accessory do you miss most? I didn't even think it was instant reply for me high heels!

Now I'm literally 5ft and I always wanted to be taller lol so heels were literally my thing! From high school I use to wear heels to get a bit taller! And through out light well u til 23 I wore heels in fact I loved heels so very much.

I had a collection of heels every colour you can think of even bright yellow! They were my thing I had far to many but I was always buying more lol! Heels made me taller gave me confidence!

When I got diagnoised my feet went really quickly the first place that actually flared up. I was so upset and distraught I bagged all my pairs up I must have had 70 odd and put them in a shoe bank!

Now 6 years on from that terrible day I cried as they went in the shoe bank! I still think of them and look at heels with awe oh how I wish I could wear just one beautiful pair of high heels!

I now wear trainers but they just don't make me as happy as high heels lol!!

So if you wear high heels smile extra wide because u know they feel good treasure your heels!

V xx

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